Our Terroir

At Château d’Agel we consider our terroir to be a strength, a factor of quality.

In the eyes of specialists, and for a long time already, the surroundingsof the village of Agel are considered among the best terroirs of Languedoc.

Our vineyard is located in the far east of the Minervois, in the foothills of the black mountain in the heart of the Haut Languedoc national park.

Hills, plains, plateaus, causses, terraces and mid-mountain relief make up the landscape.

A vegetation of scrubland, pines and oaks occupies the space left free by the vines.

Theplot: «Plateau de Cazelles», is located 180 meters above sea level, is distinguished by its stony soils containing three percent of natural organic matter on a classic clay-limestone subsoil. The roots of the vines plunge into the ground to seek out valuable reserves of moisture. The Cazelles plateau is covered with white stones which accumulate heat during the day and return it to the vines at night. To express the tremendous potential of this terroir, all attention is paid to working the soil while respecting the environment

The plot “Les Crozes” is located 100 meters above sea level in the Cesse valley, has complex soils made up of rolled pebbles, sandstone and clay, even alluvial soils. Here the vines rub shoulders not only with the southern scrubland but also with limestone. Thanks to our terroir, we find essential elements for the development of a quality wine. Deep soils where the roots of the vines can descend to feed in depth, but also poor soils which require the vines to suffer and work to create the rare aromas.

A terroir is not only a wine-growing area, it is a mix of natural factors and the know-how of the winegrower. A rich soil, an ideal climate and a perfectly adapted grape variety will not give the best of themselves unless the winegrower and the winemaker bring their expertise to it.

Natural factors: soil, subsoil, vines, grape varieties, climate, exposure, geographical location and human factors are inseparable from the notion of terroir. They characterize the typicity of a wine, giving it its character.

The winemaker must take into account all these natural elements to work his vineyard and best express his terroir through his wines. At Château d’Agel, our team passionate workers works everyday to maintain authentic traditions while constantly improving.

The wines of Château d’Agel are the mirror of our terroir, where daily effort mingles with the passion of the winegrowers.

The wine always smells of its terroir

French proverb

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