Wine, yes, but respectful !

More than a desire, respect for nature and the living is our will. Always looking for improvement line it is essential for us to remain curious and move towards a clean and reasoned agriculture. We are membersof the union of independent winemakers. Passionate and faithful to our terroir, we work hard to preserve our vineyards and practice a gentle cultivation of soils. We have permanently banned all types of weed killers, in favour of a more environmentally friendly method.

We plow 4 times a year so that the roots go deep and that the strain is less prone to temperature and hydrometric variations.

Our vineyard is grown in compliance with the HVE specifications and all of our production is now HVE3 certified (the most demanding level of the environmental certification scheme of farms and wineries). This HVE (high environmental value) label is an environmental certification and it allows you as consumers to be sure that our wine comes from clean and environmentally friendly farming.


It’s also important for us to inform our customers about what they are consuming. Our wines are not vegan and are not exclusively intended for vegans, but for all wine lovers. It is now clear that it is possible to produce differently and make quality wines while preserving the planet.

A «Vegan» wine does not contain any input of animal origin. During the clarification stage, the collage (process used to remove suspended particles so that the wine is clear) is traditionally carried out using animal proteins or egg whites. For Vegan wines these proteins are simply replaced by a vegetable glue based on peas or potatoes. This change does not alter the taste of the wine and it is in favor of the environment because the vegetable protein engages our planet less than an animal protein.

Respect for the environment is essential for Château d’Agel, biodiversity and respect for Nature and People are obvious to us. This is about respecting our Earth, our ethics and our consumers.

Since 2020 we have begun our conversion to organic farming in order to formalize our lifelong commitment. For us this is common sense to protect and perpetuate the identity of our vineyards.

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