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Each vintage, we work to transmit the qualities and the richness of our terroir through our wines. Our desire is not to endlessly repeat the same recipe, but to seek to adapt to the characterof the vintage of the year.

Starting the harvest is a crucial decision, with consequences. At Château d’Agel, to be sure to start harvesting our grapes at the best time of the day, we taste the berries daily until they reach the desired maturity and thusharvest at the rhythm of the grape varieties.

The grapes are sorted, destemmed and crushed, to bring out all the aromas contained in the berries.

We practice traditional vinification. The harvest is carried out manually on part of our plots.

The grape varieties and plots are vinified separately to highlight their different characteristics.

Fermentation takes place in vats, with temperature regulation, but for some of our vintages, we vinify in barrels. The macerations are more or less long depending on theprofile of the wines we want to obtain.

During this period of alcoholic fermentation, pumping over is carried out: the grape juice located at the bottom of the tank is pumped to be returned to the top of the tank

The purpose of this operation is to provide oxygen to the yeasts, to homogenize the medium and to promote exchanges between solids and liquids.

During this period we keep a strict control on the temperatures, to keep all the aromas and allow the yeasts to go to the end of the fermentation.

The vinification takes place in concrete vats of different capacities (50 to 150 hl) as well as in stainless steel vats.

Some of our red wines are aged in french oak barrels for 12 months. The other red wines remain in the cellar to keep their fruity aromas and their freshness.

Beyond the technical gestures, we pay special attention to the vinification of each of our wines and take the time necessary to find the perfect balance.

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